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Dyno & Tuning Rates

Current MHM Chassis Dyno Rates

3 Inertia Pulls: $60
3 Inertia Pulls w/ AFR*: $75
1 Hour w/ AFR*: $100
Single Car, Full Day w/ AFR*/**: $500
Two Cars, Full Day w/ AFR*/**: $750
Three Cars, Full Day w/ AFR*/**: $1000

* = Bosch Sensor, In Customer Installed Exhaust Bung.
** = 5+ Hours.  Additional Fees May Apply After 10 Hours.  Dyno Time Only.  DIY Tuning or Bring Your Own Tuner.

Lab-grade sensors available at additional fee.  Other analog data logging, step testing, and load testing available, additional fees may apply.  Appointments required.  Weekends and over-night sessions available.  All data and performance numbers kept anonymous if requested.  

Wholesale dyno rates available to tuners, shop owners, and race teams with valid business license or Tax ID Number.  Please contact for pricing and information.

Current MHM Chassis Dyno Custom Tuning Rates

OBD-II Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Vehicles

Naturally Aspirated Dyno Tunes: Starting at $599
Power Adder Dyno Tunes: Starting at $649
Additional Fee Beyond 3 Hours: $150/hr
Standard EFI Tuning Hourly Rate: $125/hr

All MHM Custom Tuning Performed by Matt Hill.  Tuning Hardware (Flasher/Chip) Included.

Rates without hardware (for customers with existing hardware):
Naturally Aspirated Dyno Tunes: $400
Power Adder Dyno Tunes: $500

7% NJ Sales Tax applies to all pricing excluding wholesale dyno time.